HD Electric VP-1 Voltage Probe, Handheld

HDE VP-1 Voltage Probe, Handheld

The VP-1 Voltage Probe is designed to be used as a hand held direct contact secondary voltage detector from 50VAC to 600VAC. It can also be used as a direct contact voltage detector on primary voltages from 600V up to 21kVAC and also as a proximity voltage detector for voltages exceeding 21kVAC when using appropriately rated electrical insulating gloves.


-Tests exposed metallic surfaces and conductors for the presence of secondary voltage
-Tests unshielded primary voltage cable insulation
-Tests primary voltage joint and termination test points for the presence of voltage
-Simple indication of voltage – flashing red light and beeper
-Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use
-Super bright LED indicator
-Powered by field replaceable 2AA lithium or alkaline batteries

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