HD Electric FACT-1 Feeder Ammeter Clear Test

HDE FACT-1 Feeder Ammeter Clear Test

The FACT, Feeder Ammeter Clear Test, prevents damage to distribution feeder circuits by detecting ground connections before a feeder is energized. Distribution feeder circuits can be temporarily taken out of service for planned or unplanned maintenance. This maintenance can include replacing crossarms or insulators, reconductoring, replacing certain transformers or any other task that cannot be readily performed on a live circuit. Typical work safety practices require the installation of bolted grounds on all three phases at every location where work is being performed. Feed circuits are typically deenergized at a substation.


-Alerts users to grounds left in place before the circuit is energized
-Prevents fault currents, transformer damage and blown fuses
-Fully automated test procedure
-Display shows instructions, messages and ammeter current
-Internal diagnostics confirm proper operation
-Automatically detects incorrect polarity
-Easy to use
-Portable, one person design
-Built-in self test
-5 amp output, current limited
-Requires 120VAC, 60Hz power

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