HD Electric Dual Display Wireless Phasing Voltmeter – DDPM-40

Double Vision Dual Display Wireless Phasing Voltmeter – DDPM-40


The Double Vision® Dual Display Phasing Voltmeter, model DDPM-40, is a compact, highly accurate wireless voltmeter and phasing set with capacitive test point and peak hold modes. The DDPM-40 will show the leading or lagging phase as well as the phase angle during wireless phasing operations.  The DDPM-40 measures voltage from 5V to 43kV. The two sets can be used in both overhead and underground applications – accurate and repeatable to within 1%.

Voltage is displayed on the two large, bright LED displays that can easily be read from a distance or in bright conditions.

The two LED displays are synchronized wirelessly so that the same voltage reading is shown on both displays. Usage of the DDPM-40 is an ideal solution for taking measurements over larger distances, up to 100 ft, via wireless communication.

Wireless Communication is Key –  Oversized LED displays communicate wirelessly to make voltage measurements and phase identification easy, especially when working over a distance across switches.

Versatility . . . Simplified

Single button interface controls all modes:

• Line to line measurements
• Line to ground measurements
• Capacitive test point
• Phase angle
• Real-time & peak hold reporting

Defined by the Jobsite – Lightweight, weather-resistant construction, ideal for use in tight work environments with minimum approach distances or with storm duty during disaster relief.

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