HD Electric Digital Voltmeters & Phasing Sets

HDE Digital Voltmeters & Phasing Sets

The DigiVolt® series of digital voltmeters and phasing sets is designed to take voltage measurements and perform phasing applications on system voltages up to 80kV.

Universal Voltmeter Kit : DVM-80UVK
The DVM-80UVK is a new and exciting addition to our phasing voltmeter product line. As the largest supplier of innovative voltage testing and measuring devices in the market today, we have expanded the features of our popular industry-proven DVM-80 series voltmeter and packaged it with an assembly of accessories, offering it as a complete, ready-to-use universal voltmeter kit. Priced competitively as a complete kit, this may be the best value in the market today. The DVM-80UVK is a complete kit that includes a DVM-80UVM dual stick phasing voltmeter with overhead hook probes for use up to 40kV, add-on resistor sticks for measurements up to 80kV, underground bushing probes, cable fault tester, voltmeter proof tester, shotgun hotstick adapters and a soft-sided, multi-functional carrying bag with built-in bucket hooks. For more information on the Universal Voltmeter Kit click this link to visit the Universal Voltmeter Kit webpage.

Digital Voltmeter : DVM-25T
The DVM-25T is a compact, high accuracy single stick voltmeter with capacitive test point mode and ground lead. The DVM-25T measures voltages up to 25kV and can be used in both overhead and underground applications.

Digital Voltmeter & Phasing Set : DVM-5000V
The DVM-5000V is a digital voltmeter/phasing set for low voltage applications from 10V up to 5,000V. The DVM-5000V can be used in both overhead and underground applications when used with the required applicable length hotsticks. The digital meter displays 4-digits, showing the true RMS voltage on the conductor. No decimal points show on the display, only the voltage reading. Fixed contact probes on the end of each stick allow for direct contact voltage measurements.

Digital Voltmeter : DVM-80
The DVM-80T is a compact, high accuracy dual stick voltmeter and phasing set with capacitive test point mode and connecting cord. The DVM-80 and DVM-80T units measure voltages up to 40kV and up to 80kV with a pair of optional add-on resistors. The two-stick design can be used in both overhead and underground applications. The DVM-80 units incorporate Phase Accurate Technology, which makes all voltage readings, whether made from line-to-line or line-to-ground, accurate and repeatable to within 1% +/- 3 counts.


-True RMS voltage measurements up to 80kV AC/DC
-Large auto-ranging LED
-Back lit display for low light conditions
-Coiled connecting cord is standard
-Peak hold and track modes
-Auto shut-off and low battery indicator
-Capacitive test point mode (models DVM-25T and DVM-80T)
-Universal splines for standard hot stick attachment
-Powered by 9V lithium or alkaline battery
-All models include a carrying case
-Includes hook style overhead brass probes

Model Range Length with OH Probe Peak Hold Mode Capacitive Test Point Mode Hotstick Required
DVM-80UVM Dual Stick 5V – 80kV with add-on resistors 18″ (46cm) X X X
DVM-5000V Dual Stick 10V – 5,000V X
DVM-25T Single Stick 50V-25kV 18″ (46cm) X X
DVM-80 Dual Stick 50V-80kV with add-on resistors 18″ (46cm) X
DVM-80T Dual Stick 50V-80kV with add-on resistors 18″ (46cm) X X
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