HD Electric TAG-5000 Wireless Phaser

HDE TAG-5000 Wireless Phaser

The TAG®-5000 Phase-Free® Wireless Phaser provides a unique method of phasing across a single-phase or three-phase system to make certain that correct polarity has been established prior to “closing-in” a switch. The TAG-5000 consists of two units, a transmitter and receiver, which communicate via a radio frequency signal, thus eliminating the need for a connecting cord found on traditional phasing sets. Since the units communicate via radio signals, the range of operation is extended to more than 33 feet through the air and over 1,000 feet along overhead conductors and can operate through walls or partitions.
The TAG-5000 can be used for all overhead and underground phasing applications with appropriate underground probes and is ideal for use at higher voltages – up to 230kv – where safety and ease-of-use are prime considerations.
In operation, the transmitter is placed in contact with an energized conductor. The transmitter first acts as a voltage detector by emitting audible and visual indications. After the voltage detection sequence, the transmitter then begins to transmit a signal to the receiver. The receiver is then placed in contact with another energized conductor. The receiver processes the signal and indicates if the conductors are “in” or “out-of-phase” by emitting both audible and visual alarms. The TAG-5000 design offers several advantages and increased safety over conventional phasing equipment such an extended range of operation – more than 33 feet through the air and up to 3,000 feet along overhead conductors. The TAG-5000 has a lightweight design, can operate on voltages up to 230 kV and can easily be operated by one person.


-Range of operation is more than 33′ through the air – over 1,000′ along overhead conductors
-No connecting cord between transmitter and receiver
-Built-in universal splines for hotstick attachment
-Rugged and lightweight design
-Both transmitter and receiver powered by 9V lithium or alkaline battery
-Audible and visual indications
-All-Check™ self-test feature for verifying proper operation prior to use
-Phase through walls and metal enclosures
-Phase conductors on system voltages up to 230kV (phase-to-phase)
-Includes overhead probes and foam filled carrying case
-Can be used on 50Hz and 60Hz systems

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