HD Electric Universal Digital Voltmeter and Kit – DVM-80UVM

HDE Universal Digital Voltmeter and Kit – DVM-80UVM

The DigiVolt® series of digital voltmeters and phasing sets is designed to take voltage measurements and perform phasing applications on system voltages up to 80kV. The DVM-80UVM is a compact, high accuracy dual stick voltmeter and phasing set with capacitive test point mode and peak hold. The DVM-80UVM measures voltage from 5V up to 40kV and up to 80kV with a pair of optional add-on resistors. The two-stick design can be used in both overhead and underground applications. The DVM-80 units incorporate Phase Accurate Technology, which makes all voltage readings, whether made from line-to-line or line-to-ground, accurate and repeatable to within 1%.
The DVM-80UVM is available in a Universal Voltmeter Kit. We have packaged it with an assembly of accessories, offering it as a complete, ready-to-use Universal Voltmeter Kit. Priced competitively as a complete kit, this may be the best value in the market today.


-Peak Hold mode
-Triple auto ranging 3.5 digit display – reads in kilovolts from 5 Volts to 80kV
-Highly accurate, within 1% of the reading
-Backlit display for easy reading in bright or dark conditions
-Measures AC and DC voltages
-Use on secondary voltages, starting at 5 Volts
-Measure voltage on elbow test points, meter will display the system voltage
-Test underground cables for faults
-Auto shut-off
-Powered by a 9V lithium or alkaline battery in an easy to change battery case – no tools required
-Voltmeter weights 2.25 lbs.

The DVM-80UVK is a complete kit that includes the DVM-80UVM dual stick phasing voltmeter with overhead hook probes, add-on resistor sticks for measurements up to 80kV, underground bushing probes, cable fault tester, voltmeter proof tester, shotgun hotstick adapters and a soft-sided, multi-functional carrying bag with built-in bucket hooks.

Kit Contains Everything for:

-Perform voltmeter and phasing operations for virtually all overhead & underground applications
-Take measurements on secondary voltages starting at 5 Volts
-Take measurements on primary voltages up to 80 Kilovolts
-Take measurements on elbow test points with Test Point Feature
-Peak voltage reading can be held using the new Peak Hold Feature
-Perform underground cable fault testing with Cable Fault Tester
-Test the voltmeter before and after use with Voltmeter Proof Tester

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