Sensorlink High voltage ammeter – Ampstik®+

Sensorlink High voltage ammeter – Ampstik®+

The Ampstik+ provides reliable measurements, giving line personnel the confidence to make immediate decisions while working and troubleshooting in the field.

The Ampstik+ measures in every electric utility setting with a linear current sensor to accurately measure 1A to 5000A, while in voltage environments up to 500kV. The opening of the amp sensor is electronically closed, while external currents are electronically rejected. This design enables the user to measure an individual conductor within close proximity to adjacent conductors without interference errors. The Ampstik+ holds up to four readings, ending the need to raise and lower the hot stick for each reading. Position the unit over the conductor and the meter will store the current measurement within 2 – 4 seconds. Move to the next conductor and repeat the process. Return the unit to eye level once all the measurements have been taken. This simple process makes the Ampstik+ a practical, labor saving instrument. The backlight will automatically power on when the ambient light is low. This feature enables users to better view readings on the display in low-light situations.

  • Measures 1 to 5000 Amps with +/-1% accuracy
  • Measures in low voltage up to 500 kV
  • Sample, hold, and review four unique measurements
  • Backlit LCD for low-light environments

  • Check for load balance
  • Conduct load studies
  • Meter verification

  • Sample and hold four amp readings
  • Open CT rejects stray magnetic fields
  • Easily slip on and off the conductor
  • No position sensitivity
  • Backlit LCD for low-light environments
  • Overhead and underground use

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