HD Electric HiSat Surge Arrester Tester

HDE HiSat Surge Arrester Tester

The Hi-Test® HiSat MOV Surge Arrester and Leakage Testers allow for the non-destructive testing of de-energized surge arresters for non-visible internal breakdown. These self-contained units are lightweight and portable for both shop and field use. The HiSat applies voltage across the arrester and indicates the breakover/conduction point of the arrester. It will determine if an arrester is conducting at lower voltages than specified or not conducting at all. Because of new arrester technology, the testers will not properly test gap or hybrid MOV/GAP type arresters such as Hubbell® Optima or Cooper VariGAP®.


-Tests up to 25kV class MOV arresters (up to 18kV rated)
-Self-contained with rechargeable battery
-Easy to read LED’s
-Auto shutoff
-Pivoting handle and belt clip
-Lightweight and completely portable
-Includes 120VAC charging adapter

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