The Mega Beast: 80 Amp Tester

The Mega Beast: 80 Amp Tester

The Mega Beast secondary service conductor tester is as easy to use as the original Beast of Burden, and it’s more powerful than the Super Beast. In 20-amp increments, you can apply an 80-amp load to detect the most elusive problems on secondary service. In addition, the Mega Beast can be utilized to verify the installation of new service connections in order to ensure proper voltage supply. The Mega Beast features fuses and circuit breakers for user safety, too.


• Works with 20A switches, capable of providing 20, 40, 60, or 80 amps
• Indicates problems on secondary service
• Detects open neutrals quickly and accurately
• Incredibly easy to use–the same basic, simple steps apply in all operating models of the Beast units
• 80 Amp load identifies problems quicker than the Super Beast
• Offers meter technicians an effective method to locate loose, open, or faulty connections to lines and neutral.

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