Super Beast Pulse: 20 Amp Tester

Super Beast Pulse: 20 Amp Tester

The new feature allows the unit to pulse the 20A load ON/OFF every 5 seconds. The user may use an ammeter, a common field tool for measuring amps, positioned around the secondary pedestals or the padmount transformer to identify the 20A raise/fall, indicating the conductor tested by the Super Beast. This pulsing feature allows single-user cable identification, cutting down the manpower needed to troubleshoot power issues. See video below.


•Digital readings quickly and accurately display the condition of the secondary service conductor
• 20 Amp Tester (Line Side)
• Indicates problems on secondary service
• Detects open neutral quickly, and accurately
• Isolates and identifies overhead or underground complaints on utility side (line side)
• Product is very durable and portable, allowing for efficient troubleshooting.
• Verifies condition of secondary conductors and associated connections
• The Super Beast is available to purchase as a combo unit. Part# HJA-469-PSCO
• Combo includes: Storage/carrying bag and meter base adapter.

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