TILT-II Transformer Tester

TILT-II Transformer Tester

The TILT-II Transformer Tester is a versatile tool for quick and easy checks of transformers and the connections made to them. In the field, the TILT-II is used to test the primary and secondary sides of new or reworked, single or three-phase transformer installations for short circuits prior to energizing. In the shop, the TILT-II is used for the quick screening of incoming and outgoing transformers for both primary and secondary shorts or opens, including internal fuses and breakers. A magnet is available to hold the TILT-II in place while testing.


-Tests transformers for major defects before energizing
-Tests the primary and secondary sides of de-energized transformers without disconnecting
-Built-in self-test feature (manual or auto self-test models available)
-Single button automatic testing
-Audible alarm confirms successful test
-Super bright LED indicators

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