CrossOver Series Ground Penetrating Radar systems

CrossOver Series Ground Penetrating Radar systems

CrossOver is a general-purpose series of GPR-systems, in three different housings and with 6 separate frequencies in the range 70- to 800MHz. It is designed for the professional-geo community. It may be pulled or pushed in dedicated carts, by hand or by means of vehicles, at any speeds.

Each system comes as a true-dual frequency antenna with inbuilt control electronics and GPS-modules. The systems are controlled via Android-pads over a wireless link. It is based on real-time-technology which gives excellent depth penetration and bandwidth. Low power consumption gives 7 hours operational time, on one battery.


  • ImpulseRadar’s revolutionary dual-channel GPR antenna design takes it to the next level. The unique range of dual-channel solutions reduces the need for investments in multiple single-channel antennas to achieve the same objectives. Whilst the high-speed performance increases productivity.
  • An Android-driven user interface offers flexibility in your choice of the acquisition and control device (tablet/smartphone) giving you more options to suit specific needs and budget. Wireless, but secure data transfer between the antenna and userinterface simplifies set-up and practical use.
  • Real-Time-Sampling (RTS) based GPR antenna designs have much better performance (increased dynamic range, sensitivity and depth penetration) than conventional GPR antenna designs.
  • Antennas:

    Pulling Kit:

    Push Cart:

    Measuring Wheels:

    External GPS Mounting Kit:

    Skid PLates:


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