Raptor High Speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar Array

Raptor High Speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar Array

Raptor is a state-of-the-art high-speed 3D-GPR Array enabling the very fast collection of 3D GPR data, at speeds in excess of 130 km/hr (80 miles/hour), @ 5 cm point intervals. Raptor is capable of survey speeds that eliminate the need for traffic control and safety vehicles. Conventional systems typically operate at no more than 30 km/hr, with similar settings.


  • The requirement to survey over larger areas and apply 3D processing and visualization processes has led to the development of advanced GPR systems that comprise multiple GPR antennas connected to form a GPR array. The ImpulseRadar Raptor solution contains several individual antenna elements (transmitters and receivers), which are arranged to form multiple measurement channels that operate simultaneously and are closely spaced to each other.
  • The traditional approach with multiple parallel lines, sometimes in a perpendicular grid pattern, where often gathered with line spacing in the order of half a meter. Since a GPR may have a spatial resolution in the order of a few centimetres, this leads to aliasing, or in other words loss of information. When using a Raptor array, the individual line spacing will be 8 or 4 [cm]. Imagine collecting data with 4 [cm] line spacing over a few hectares, with a single channel antenna, almost undoable. In short, Raptor data is of significantly higher reliability compared to any 2D dataset.
  • The dense datasets gathered with Raptor enables a user to view data from any direction, without the interpolation artefacts seen commonly in approaches to 3D data gathering with single-channel antennas.
  • Although the Raptor system may seem more complicated compared to an ordinary GPR-system, the following interpretation is significantly easier. The 3D-processes yields photography-like images which greatly simplify the otherwise tedious work of interpretation. It becomes a very intuitive process.
  • Efficient Subsurface Mapping:

    Designed with simplicity in mind, Raptor will help you achieve maximum productivity and optimum results. The unique design allows antennas to be configured quickly, easily and expanded as needed. The density of collected data means that a single pass is all that is needed to obtain high quality 3D information of the line surveyed. Combined with the synchronization of accurate positional data, each survey line, or ‘swath’, can be precisely aligned to adjacent swaths. This optimises the data gathering process for efficient subsurface mapping

    Boost performance and improve workflows:

    Condor 3D tomography software is setting a new standard for speed and efficiency for array data. Field to a 3D tomographic image of the data is now measured in minutes and many data sets can be fully processed in a tailgate session in the field on a laptop!


    Raptor is the most modern GPR-Array solution on the market. It consists of separable transmitters and receivers which a user may configure for arbitrary number of channels as well as for different applications. A large array may be split into two and two smaller arrays may be configured as one larger, without extensive additional costs. The Raptor system is based on our latest Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology.


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