FLS-2 50-Watt Rack Mount Transmitter

FLS-2 50-Watt Rack Mount Transmitter

Fiber optic cables are a critical part of modern life. From the vast amount of data that they carry (supporting Global Business) to the individual internet users and more importantly emergency services, the FLS system is at the heart of damage prevention for fiber optic cables.

The FLS-2 is a high performance long distance fiber optic cable locating and monitoring transmitter. As a central office or regen rack mounted system, the FLS-2 offers a full 50-watts of output. The FLS-2 can be used for long-haul fiber lines and metropolitan loop networks. All features may be accessed remotely or locally with the hand-held touch screen.


  • Remote access by phone line-telephone network or Ethernet access via IP address
  • Configurable two, four, or sixteen direction multiplexing
  • Touch LCD display interface
  • Standard nineteen-inch rack mounting
  • ELF output
  • AC/DC power source
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