Marker Locator Adapter – vLoc3-MLA

Marker Locator Adapter – vLoc3-MLA

The vLoc3-MLA (Marker Locator Adapter) is designed for easy, fast and accurate location of buried EMS markers. Once located the MLA will give depth of cover to the buried marker with the touch of a button.

The MLA attaches to the bottom of vLoc3-Pro, vLoc3-9800 and vLoc3-5000 receivers. When attached and pluged into the receivers two marker related operating modes are enabled. In the dedicated marker mode, the receiver screens show a peak bar graph with the signal strength from the marker, the marker type and depth to the marker. In the dual marker mode all the above are shown in addition to the standard utility locate screen including left/right arrows and compass.

The plug-and-play MLA will detect any one of nine marker types, in good conditions, buried to a depth of 6’/2m and large flat markers to 9’/3m.


  • Gives depth of cover reading to the marker
  • Plug-and-play automatic recognition by receiver
  • Use when needed – no need to carry two devices
  • Locates balls, disks, full range & near surface markers
  • Use as dedicated marker locator or dual utility and marker locator
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