Tempo – OmniMarker II

Tempo – OmniMarker II

The Omni Marker II electronic marker ball provides an improved method to electronically mark and locate buried underground facilities. The environmentally friendly Omni Marker II contains a large gimballed coil that automatically orients itself horizontally when placed, ensuring that there is a location “sweet spot” directly above the point of interest. When a standard marker locator is excited, these passive circuits produce a precise, dipole field directly above and below the buried unit. The Omni Marker II electronic marker ball’s patented design allows it to offer location performance equal to others while being slightly smaller and lighter in weight and containing no hazardous chemicals. Learn more.

Key Features:

  • Operating Depth: >5ft typical (1.5m) in most soil types
  • Package Material: High-density polyethylene
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable at end of life
  • Strong, molded tie-down loops
  • Supplied in cases of 30 markers
  • Weight: 0.3lb (154g)
  • No hazardous fluids
  • Specifications:

    Application: For electronically marking key locations in buried utility
    Weight: One Marker 5.3oz (153g)
    Unit of Supply: One box contains 30 markers
    Minimum Diameter: 100mm
    Widest Measurement (tag to tag): 128mm
    Body Material: High density polyethylene (HDPE), fusion welded
    Expected Lifetime: >40 years if installed correctly

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