Vivax vLoc3-9800 Locator

Vivax vLoc3-9800 Locator

The vLoc3-9800 from Vivax-Metrotech is a fully-automatic gain control, precision left/right guidance utility locator. The vLoc3-9800 is built on a new Triaxial 3D antenna architecture with highly configurable features. The vLoc3-9800 offers two passive modes and all available frequencies between 16Hz up to 200kHz. Audio and mechanical vibration alerts can also be configured by users providing warnings for shallow depth, overload, overhead cables and excessive swinging. The vLoc3-9800 can be equipped with optional Bluetooth module for GPS mapping and MLA (marker locator adapter) add-on for locating buried EM markers and TX Link for communications between receiver and transmitter.

Need to fault locate? Every vLoc3 locator offers fault locating with optional accessory A-Frame.
Need to locate marker balls? Every vLoc3 locator can locate EM markers using an optional Marker Locate Adapter (MLA).


  • Patented Distance Sensitive Left/Right antenna array
  • Built-in accelerometer and gyroscope providing continuous correction of depth
  • Light sensor automatically controls display backlight for longer battery life
  • Vibration motor in handle provides user feedback during alerts & warnings
  • On-board Calibration / Self-Test (eliminates cal timer and PC plug-in and its associated costs)
  • Rugged high impact thermoplastic ABS construction for strength and light weight design
  • Weighs only 4.4 lbs. (2 kg)
  • Calibration Verification / Self Test

    No more “Cal” timer or cost associated with reseting a timer. This built-in Calibration Verification Self-Test is both complex and comprehensive and new to the industry. This feature virtually obsoletes the need to return or purchase a plug-in-to-paper validation certificate.

  • High integrity self test that assures the sensors are operating within factory tolerances.
  • Result measurements are compared to initial factory calibration tolerances.
  • Passing the self-test assures that the locator is within factory calibrated performance criteria.
  • Self-test results are logged to an internal SD card.
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