The VM-810 from Vivax-Metrotech is the newest locating system in the legendary 810 lineage. It’s single 83.1 kHz frequency has been a favorite among locating professionals for many years. The 810 has proven time and again to be versatile for all type of locating needs. It is excellent for locating cable of all type, ductile iron pipe, tracer wire, and other type and a perfect choice for all soil conditions, wet or dry. The 810 concept has been copied by many but its world class performance has never been duplicated by anyone.

The VM-810is designed specifically as a single frequency true left/right locator with separated twin response left/right antennas.


  • One Button Operation
  • Distance Sensitive LEFT / RIGHT Guidance – 3 bottom antenna (ALL PEAK)
  • Line Direction Indicator (Directional Orientation antenna)
  • Fast Response & Automatic Gain Control
  • Push-button depth & current measurement (w/ top peak antenna)
  • Lightweight Design (only 3 lbs)
  • Improved Clear & Backlit Display – TFT 2.7″ LCD WQVGA display
  • Full Crisp Digital Sound – original left/right tone w/audible null at center line
  • Precise Single Frequency – 83 kHz
  • Lightweight Rugged Construction – Aluminum & ABS
  • Water Resistant (IP54 & NEMA 4)
  • Retractable Antenna (made popular on the original 810 design)
  • Excellent Battery Life – 65 hours continuous use
  • VM-810 Transmitter

  • “Best In Class” Induction Performance
  • Multiple Power Output (1-watt maximum)
  • High Output Current – 150mA Constant
  • Precise Single Frequency – 83.1 kHz
  • Lightweight Rugged Construction
  • Water Resistant (IP54 & NEMA 4)
  • Excellent Battery Life – 60 hours (Alkaline Batteries)
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