Speed Systems Neutral Winder – NW-35

Speed Systems Neutral Winder – NW-35


For cable 2-1/4″ to 3-1/2″ O.D.

The Neutral Winder is designed to remove the outer jacket on underground power cable with embedded neutral wires. By inserting the end of the neutral wire through the cross-hole in the center of the tool, it is wound up as it is being pulled through the jacket as the tool is rolled along the axis of the cable. This method of jacket removal helps prevent damage and/or breakage of the neutral wire. The Neutral Winder will not work on jacketed cable that has a Mylar plastic or tape layer between the neutral wire and the jacket. The tool includes a 3.8″ drive in the hub.


  • Used to remove outer jacket by winding embedded neutral wire as tool is rolled along axis of cable
  • Helps prevent damage or breakage of neutral wire
  • 3/8″ square drive in hub
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