Huskie Remote C Head – EP-410H

Huskie Remote C Head – EP-410H


The EP-410H is a traditional C-head with a one-inch jaw opening. It will accept all “U” type dies currently used in 12 ton tools on today’s market.

A 10,000 psi external pump is required to operate the C-head. The output pressure is 12 tons when the pump is set at 10,000 psi. After a compression is made on a lug or sleeve, an internal ram spring retracts the jaw when the pump pressure is relieved.

The tool is supplied with a standard 3/8″ male, screw type coupler but can be fitted with an opposite female coupler if requested. Carrying case included.


  • Output 12 ton
  • Weight 8 1/4 lbs.
  • Length 10″
  • Jaw opening 1″
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