Huskie Double Acting 60 Ton Compression Head – Steel – EP-60D

Huskie Double Acting 60 Ton Compression Head – Steel – EP-60D


The EP-60D is a double-acting model. Double acting tools will eliminate the possibility of the tool jamming. Double-acting means hydraulically advancing the ram to build the proper tonnage, then the hydraulic pressure is reversed to retract the ram. This will ensure the ram to retract without having to pry the jaws apart to release them and it will retract much faster than single-acting spring release tools.

Huskie also offers the lightest 60 ton presses in the industry. The EP-60 series is offered in titanium models as well. Titanium has the strength of steel but weighs nearly 30 percent less. Due to its lighter weight and the tool’s portable design, the chance of back and muscle strain is greatly reduced. The titanium 60 ton press is easily maneuvered where heavy steel presses are almost impossible to operate, making it an ideal tool for jobs such as helicopter line installations.


  • Output: 60 ton
  • Weight: 47 lbs. (34 lbs. Titanium)
  • Size: 6″W x 17″H
  • Cable capacity: Approx. 2.4″ outside diameter
  • Die Style: HA60 series
  • Ram stroke: 1.5″ travel
  • Oil volume: 303 cc.
  • Carrying case included
  • Removable die cap for easy connector positioning
  • Tool stand included
  • 1/4″ screw-type couplers included
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