Huskie R-14EAD Hydraulic Pump

Huskie R-14EAD Hydraulic Pump

The R-14EAD is a fully remote controlled, double acting, 10,000 psi, electric pump. The hand control allows the user to advance or release at any time. There is an auto cycle switch that allows the operator to push the advance button and the pump will automatically advance, run to 10,000 psi and release. This feature is used mostly for production crimping and cutting, where the operator must have the freedom of both hands. A remote foot control pedal is optional.


-Fully remote controlled
-Visual oil level
-3/4 hp, heavy duty rating
-Durable steel construction with built-in carrying handles
-Auto-cycle mode
-Low amperage requirement
-3/8″ screw-type couplers

Weight Oil Capacity Motor Size Size Delivery at 300 psi Delivery at 10,000 psi
75 lbs. w/oil 182 cu/in (3 Quarts) 3/4 hp, 120 VAC, 8.2 amp/td>

14″L x 13.25″W x 16″ H 157 cu/in/min 36 cu/in/min

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