Tiiger Hydraulic Utility Pole Puller

Tiiger Hydraulic Utility Pole Puller

At only 57 pounds, Tiiger’s pole puller is the lightest and safest on the market.

The base plate is designed to provide for the lowest possible center of gravity, swivel and hook assembly allow for pre-tensioning of the chain and a reduction of stress on the chain. A Back Plate prevents chain roll-up resulting in the maximum lift per stroke.

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-Helps prevent personal injury associated with using a boom truck
-Reduces boom damage and maintenance cost resulting from pulling poles
-Dramatically increases productivity and cuts time
-Available Pole Puller Pad option is designed to lock the base plate in position, eliminating any potential for slippage of the assembly, enhancing the overall efficiency of the pole puller.


-Part Number 4001D
-Hydraulic Cylinder 57 pounds
-Base Plate 25 pounds
-Back Plate 7 Pounds
-Swivel Chain Hook Assembly 36 Pounds
-Chain – 6 Feet – 1 /2 Alloy 15 pounds
-Operating Pressure 2,800 psi Max.
-Lift At Maximum Pressure 50,120 Pounds

Part Breakdown:

-Base plate HA0008
-Swivel & hook assembly HA0016
-(No chain or back plate)
-Back plate – Standard 4040B
-Back plate – Long tooth 4041B
-Pole puller pad HA0040
-Hydraulic cylinder HA0015
-Chain EF0001 (1/2″x 6 foot)

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