Greenlee Punch Set, KYD Knockout – 7506

Greenlee Punch Set, KYD Knockout – 7506


  • Fast easy and simple to operate
  • Will also drive 751 cable cutter head
  • Powerful 11 ton hydraulic ram
  • 3 foot hose
  • Slug-Splitter® SC knockout punches with capacities up through 10 gauge stainless steel
  • Self-centering punch aligns itself on pilot hole
  • No need to draw crosshairs or line up die alignment marks
  • Specifications:

    Sub Brand: Slug-Splitter® SC
    Type: Slug-Splitter® SC hydraulic knockout kit
    Application: Knockout kit with hydraulic ram and hand pump. Slug-Splitter® SC punches, dies, draw studs for 1/2 -2″ in steel case

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