TeleBloc Above obstacle unwinding pulley block – M1

TeleBloc Above obstacle unwinding pulley block – M1

Installation, positioning and removal of unwinding pulley block above obstacles where it is impossible to go. For the same applications as unwinding pulley block.


• Lightweight
• High visibility
• UV resistant
• Robust and virtually unbreakable
• High rigidity due to closed frame
• Installation in all orientations
• Handle for handling and manual installation
• Ring and hooks for installation with installation pole
• Jaw for positioning via cable / rope
• Support sheave for easy displacement of multiple pulleys
• Sheave blocker for holding the position by jamming
• Optional safety pin for critical application available
• Spare parts offered

Technical data:

• Weight 0.69kg / 1.52lb
• Recommended usage temperature -35°C to 70°C / -31F to 158F
• ¹Falling resistance on asphalt T= -35°C 10m / 33pi
• Safe working load 200kg / 440lb
• ²Average breaking load T= -35°C 915kg / 2017lb T=20°C 753kg / 1660lb
• ³Warranty on the date of the end-user’s purchase 1 month for manufacturing defects or defects in materials

¹Not valid if the point of impact is on the latch. The product suffers superficial damage and remains functional.
²Capacity when the pulley block is fixed and positioned on the carrying cable. Moving the pulley block under load will damage the support sheave and is not covered by the warranty.
³The breaking load may be lower than this value. Never subject the pulley to a nearby load or greater than this value.
⁴Breakage due to improper use or falls are not covered by the warranty.

One of the main features of Telebloc pulleys is the ease of installation and de-installation, in addition to security (they have security latches) and robustness.

Parts Guide

40′ Fall Test

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