TeleBloc unwinding pulley block – M1L

TeleBloc unwinding pulley block – M1L

For the same applications as unwinding pulley block and when an easy installation/deinstallation with an installation pole or manually is needed.


• Lightweight
• High visibility
• UV resistant
• Robust and virtually unbreakable
• High rigidity due to closed frame
• Installation in all orientations
• Handle for handling and manual installation
• Ring and hooks for installation with installation pole
• Jamming area for holding the position on the carrier cable
• Optional safety pin for critical application available
• Spare parts offered

Technical data:

• Weight 0.76kg / 1.67lb
• Recommended usage temperature -35°C to 70°C / -31F to 158F
• ¹Falling resistance on asphalt T= -35°C 10m / 33ft
• Safe working load with blocker on support sheave 250kg / 550lb
• ²Safe working load on support sheave 100kg / 220lb
• ³Average breaking load T=-35°C 1043kg / 2300lb T=20°C 737kg / 1625lb
• ⁴Warranty on the date of the end-user’s purchase 1 month for manufacturing defects or defects in materials

¹Not valid if the point of impact is on the latch. The product suffers superficial damage and remains functional.
²The breaking load may be lower than this value. Never subject the pulley to a nearby load or greater than this value.
³Breakage due to improper use or falls are not covered by the warranty.

One of the main features of Telebloc pulleys is the ease of installation and de-installation, in addition to security (they have security latches) and robustness.

Parts Guide

40′ Fall Test

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