DCD Lineman Lasher – 61400

DCD Lineman Lasher – 61400

PRODUCT #61400

The Lineman Lasher is the pull type cable lasher for tough jobs, especially the ones that always seem to come up at night and in dusty, wet or icy conditions. Use it to lash single or multiple cables up to 3″ outside diameter and for single and double overlashing. It is perfect for lashing CATV and fiber optic cable.

You won’t get snagged in trees and tight places with the Lineman Lasher because of the smooth-faced, tapered cowl. The fast, easy transfer around poles for continuous lashing is important, especially if you are paid or are paying by the foot, the Lineman Lasher cuts transfer time by as much as one-third. The wire quick-release trigger mounts below the handle for easy, one-hand engagement and release.

Versatility means less downtime and smooth operation. The tough, precision drive system needs no adjustment and delivers even lashing action. A key feature is that the Lineman
requires no strand traction to drive rotation. This means you can now lash in any weather.
The strand brake keeps wire tight, and front-end ratchets keep the lasher from sliding backward
when forward motion is halted.

The Lineman Lasher holds up to 1200 ft. per coil of 0.045″ lashing wire without reloading,
and works compatibly with up to 1/2″ strands. A flat base ensures the lasher won’t roll around
in transit. An ergonomically engineered handle and controls add to total precision performance.


  • Max Strand 1/2″
  • Max Lash 3″ dia
  • Wire Size .045″
  • Spool size 1200 ft / coil
  • Overall Dims 19-1/2″ x12″ x 12″
  • Weight 38 lb.The DCD Design LINEMAN Lasher is the most versatile lasher on the market:
  • Lashes single and multiple cables up to 3″ O.D.
  • Single and double lashes too,
  • Lasher holds up to 1200 ft. per coil of .045″ wire without reloading,
  • Compatible with up to 1/2″ strand or any size in between.
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