Lashing Wire

Lashing Wire

The difference between DCD lashing wire and other lashing wires isn’t visible to the eye. While all lashing wires may look and feel alike only one, DCD Design lashing wire, is specially annealed for extra durability where the lash meets the strand

Wound in continuous coils for easy payout, DCD Design brand lashing wires won’t come back to haunt you. Instead, the lash holds tight and stays even. DCD Design gives you 14 choices of size and types: Aluminum, galvanized, various grades of stainless and non-metallic. All come in popular sizes to match any job. And, while our sizes and types vary, our quality doesn’t.

When reordering lashing wire, specify DCD Design brand. Specially annealed, continuously coiled, these are the best lashing wires you can buy.

Please contact us for info on sizes and styles available.

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