MicroDuct Couplers & Accessories

MicroDuct Couplers & Accessories

Microduct Couplers and End Stops are of a quick connect design, with pull ring release and a clear barrel for viewing. The clear barrel allows for visual inspection to determine if the duct ends are properly seated in the coupler during installation, or if the cable has passed through the coupler during the installation phase.

Microduct Couplers are available two configurations; straight and transition to allow the connection of two microducts with different outer diameters. Microcouplers are rated at 175 psi with a safety factor of 4:1. Sizes and specification are listed below:

Working Pressure/Temperatures:
TrueSeal™ Fiber Optic Fitting Working Pressure (PSI)

Fitting Size…..Polycarbonate
8.5 mm………….Vacuum to 175
10 mm…………..Vacuum to 175
12 mm…………..Vacuum to 175
1/2″………………Vacuum to 175


  • Temp. Range: -30°F (-34°C) to +180°F (85°C)
  • Actual working pressures will be lower at elevated temperatures
  • Burst pressures are four times the fittings room temperature working pressure
    (four time safety factor)
  • Vacuum rating to 28 inches of Hg at room temperature
  • Microduct Split Couplers are used when it is necessary to access cables at mid-span
    for placing slack coils. Available to fit 12mm and 12.7mm O.D. microducts.
  • Microduct Cutters are available in two styles:
    Standard Straight Cutters for clean cuts prior to coupling
    Ring Cutters are used when necessary to safely access cable in the duct
  • Microduct End Caps are threaded into microducts internally for pressurizing microducts
    prior to installing. Microduct End Caps keep microducts from imploding and add stiffness
    during the installation process. Available to fit 10mm and 12 and 12.7mm microducts.
  • Microduct Coupler Removal Tool makes removing microcouplers easy saving wear
    and tear on hands and fingers.
  • Digital Calipers used for measuring the outer diameters of cables and ducts to insure
    proper sizing and compatibility with Jetting inserts and couplers. Measurements ASME
    and Metric.
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