Telecom Specialty Tools

Telecom Specialty Tools

Longitudinal Duct Slitter & Cable Sheath Cutter features a ratcheting design that safely strips outer polyethylene sheathing or innerduct longitudinally from most cables with outside diameters of 0.5″ to 4″ or greater. Cable slitter will also strip innerduct from fiber optic cables. Rugged, compact, maintenance-free sheath cutter includes double-sided replacement blade, molded plastic shim, 3-mm Allen key and instructions in a molded plastic case.

Advanced Longitudinal Innerduct Slitter (ALIS) Tool is an advanced version of the longitudinal duct slitter that handles the toughest duct slitting applications with its high speed ratchet drive system. Remove large ducts fast without the physical exertion required with standard slitting tools. ALIS also will access ducts at mid-span. Double sided blade included.

RS-1 Reed Duct Cutter is a high-quality rugged duct cutter provides clean cuts and is designed for HDPE ducts in diameters up to 1.66” (42mm). High quality blades guarantee extended life compared to cheap imitations. RSB-1 Replacement blades available.

RS-2 Large Reed Duct Cutter is a scissor style heavy duty duct cutter for large ducts up to 2.375” (60mm) in diameter. High quality, made to last and provides clean cuts for coupler installs. RSB-2 Replacement blades are available.

DH-10 Duct Holder Tool is designed to hold two inner duct ends together while installing the DC-10, four bolt, airtight split couplers. The DH-10 allows for one technician to easily install two-piece split couplers.

Grease Gun & White Lithium Grease Twin Pack for lubricating track systems in SuperJet® cable installation devices.

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