Socket Pocket with one 3″ Hook by Line Work Bucket Products

Socket Pocket with one 3″ Hook

Socket Pocket with 3″ Hook


Introducing the Premier All-In-One Pole Framing Solution, designed for utmost convenience and efficiency. Equipped with six magnetic angled socket holders capable of accommodating all sockets up to 1 1/8″, including combo sockets from Klein and Milwaukee, such as the transmission nut runner. Accessing your sockets is effortless, even with primary gloves.

This innovative solution features two dowels, two augur bit holders, and a large hook designed to secure your money gun or mechanical drills. Additionally, central magnets facilitate quick access to any small parts or tools you may require.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with combo sockets for both Klein and Milwaukee, including the transmission nut runner.
  • Constructed from the same durable proprietary polymer as the renowned Big Rack.
  • Includes a complimentary 3″ HD Bucket Hook, valued at $16.
  • Features two dowels and six magnetic socket holders.
  • Glove-friendly design for easy access.
  • Equipped with two augur bit holders and a large built-in hook for impact guns.
  • Enhanced with eight industrial magnets on the faceplate for swift access to small parts.
  • UV protectant ensures longevity and durability.
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