The Corner Pocket By Journeyman Gear – JG222

The Corner Pocket By Journeyman Gear – JG222

As a career lineman I have decided its our normal duty to fix problems, think outside the box and find better ways to do our job. As you know very well, it takes alot of tools to work a normal pole out of a bucket. As time goes by the list of our preferred or required tools grows, which requires more room to hang inside the bucket, however the size of the buckets have not changed to accommodate for all the new fancy tools that lineman refuse to work without. I realized the only option to make more room for tools inside my bucket was to keep everything organized and make the most out of the limited space available. There are already endless products available that will hold tools on all 135″ around thelip of a bucket, except in the corners. The 4 empty corners in a bucket account for about 48″ of that 135″ available, so nearly 1/3 of bucket space is wasted. Until now, thanks to the CornerPocket!

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Key Features

1. The CornerPocket is specifically designed to stay put in all four corners of the bucket and utilize that 48″ of real estate for hanging all types of tools and equipment. It is very light weight, weighing in at only about 1lb, it was Field Tested at over 100lbs. With a weight rating of 55lbs you can load it down with even our heavier tools without hesitation. The normal bucket hooks will fail before the CornerPocket does.

2. The nut stud is a feature that I integrated with the vertical brace and is located top dead center on the CornerPocket. which provides a lineman with a much safer place to keep nuts and washers between tasks. Up until now all could do was to try balancing them somewhere up a pole and hoping you dont drop them in the bucket or even worse, drop them on one if your crewmates under your bucket.

3. Knowing how linemen are generally rough on everything I chose to manufacture this tool out of Extremely durable plastic and is nearly impossible to bend or break.

4. We made it to be a Tool less assembly and take down with no hardware involved, you just have to snap the vertical brace in its place and get to work. Being able to break it down flat along with its very light weight, that made it easy to be packed in your storm bag or luggage without sacrificing the available space or weight limits in transit.

Works with the BoomerHang

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