Shear Pin Torque Limiter

Shear Pin Torque Limiter – C3030044

For Installing torques up to 10,000 ft.-lb.

Offers: Protection for anchors and installing tools by disconnecting the power when the installing torque reaches a preselected level.

Useable in very rocky soil.

Durable – does not require special storage or handling.

Top and bottom each has six holes tapped 1/2″ – 13 on a 5-1/4″ bolt circle.

Catalog Number Description Wt., lb.
C3030044 Shear Pin Torque Indicator 54
*C3030045 One Carton of Shear Pins (Approx. 1700 pins) 50
*T3031420 One Box of Shear Pins (Approx. 510 pins) 15
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