TLL-500A Distribution Hot Arm

TLL-500A Distribution Hot Arm

The TLL-500A is an energized conductor supporting tool that helps to create work clearances for Sub-Transmission work.

The Triple Line Lifter-500A fills the gap in our line of energized conductor manipulator lifters between the TLL-500 (which is used for distribution voltages) and the TLL-1300 (which is designed for transmission voltages from 115kV to 130kV). Thus gap is known in the utility industry as sub-transmission. Hence, the TLL-500A is designed for voltage ratings from 34.5kV to 72.5kV.

The TLL-500A replaces the need for temporary structures and tag lines while giving positive control of distribution live lines. It consists of 4 major components: mast, crossarm, insulators and extension arms and breaks down into manageable sized components that can quickly and easily be installed in the field by 2 people. The TLL-500A is offered in Series 1, 2 and 3. To clarify the differences, see the options below.

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