Direct Embed Pole Stabilization System

Direct Embed Pole Stabilization System

Our unique patent-pending DEPS system is an adjustable pole brace system that is equipped with a pole bracket that can be chained or strapped to the base section of a pole, as well as an anchor plate that utilizes the existing ground as an anchor point to plumb and hold the pole stable while pouring concrete or flowfill.

This system enables you to quickly set up, plumb and hold a concrete or steel pole in place during construction, without the use of a forklift/telehandler or deadman concrete anchors. Thus, allowing your company to cut down on man-hours and maximize production and profits.


  • Max. Pole Diameter = 6ft
  • Max. Pole Weight = 30,000lb
  • Max. Pole Length = 65ft
  • Min. Percentage Embedded = 60%
  • Fully retracted, this system is 7′ – 6″ in length which allows it to be stowed away in the bed of a pickup or on a gooseneck trailer.
  • Long Lifespan / Made of 100% recyclable material.
  • Requires no routine maintenance.
  • No additional transportation needed.
  • Simple, quick and easy to use design.
  • Can be set up and adjusted in minutes.
  • Allows for the reduction of job-site hazards associated with moving equipment.
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