Hydraulic Insulated Work Platform – IWP

Hydraulic Insulated Work Platform – IWP

The IWP-500kV, an insulated work platform attachment, adapts a new crane to perform category A insulated aerial lift operations.

Advantages of an Insulated Work Platform:

-Insulated Work Platform Permits bare-hand work and de-energized line construction.
-Minimizes lineman fatigue and the need to climb towers.
-Reduces the need for insulated ladders and hot sticks.
-Requires minimal equipment set-up time.
-Increases utilization of a non-insulated crane.
-Eliminates shutdown of transmission lines for maintenance.
-Increases work capabilities compared to an elbow-style lift.
-Allows access to difficult work with 45° jib articulation.
-Increases job functions performed with a hydraulic, telescoping crane.
-Can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated, insulated aerial device.

Standard and Optional Equipment:

-Platform controls
-Sharp edge corona ring
-Test bands and shield
-Sealed fiberglass jib assembly
-Insulated Work Platform
-Two man, 36” x 72” platform
-600 lb. capacity
-Boom-tip bonding straps
-Desiccant canister
-Cable reel
-Lanyard attachment(s) on the jib
-Current leakage monitor
-Jib cover
-45° jib articulation
-Battery charger
-Factory installation
-Closed-loop, platform brake
-Self-stowing, insulated jib
-Operator and service training


-Single-man platform
-Radio controls
-Single-man fiberglass bucket
-Two-man fiberglass bucket
-Larger capacity


Insulated jib consists of:

Main structural fiberglass member which is sealed, with bulkheads and covers, from moisture and other contaminants that may reduce
its insulation properties and to minimize maintenance.
Visible desiccant canister
Components meet category “A” requirements such as conductive bands, a gradient control device and bonding of conductive items at the platform and jib tip.
Platform is gravity hung with a closed-loop brake cylinder to dampen platform movement and lock the platform into position. The standard platform is 36” x 72”, steel construction, with the controls located on the curbside near the top rail.

The jib and controls are intended to provide electrical insulation to personnel working on live transmission lines and equipment at voltages 500kV and below.


  • ANSI A92.2
  • ASME B30.23
  • CSA Z 150
  • CSA 225
  • Electrical testing and certification of the jib shall be done at an approved testing location.

    Operator and service training, along with training materials provided as part of the installation of the Insulated Work Platform. (Training does NOT include barehand work practices.)

    Operators, parts and maintenance manuals will be complete with step-by-step procedures on the use, inspection and care of the equipment.

    Protective jib cover for the travel position.

    Current leakage monitoring equipment with readout at control console, corona ring, and other Extra High Voltage (EHV) requirements.

    The customer can select either Fiber Optic or Radio controls. The platform controls include three (3) single axis control levers for control of lift, extension and rotation functions of the crane. The control levers provide simultaneous multifunction proportional operation. Other controls in the platform include an emergency shut-off switch and accessory switches for the engine start/stop, two speed throttle control and high/low speed. The existing crane lower controls will override the platform controls.

    A proportional pressure compensated hydraulic control valve and diverter valve are installed at the pedestal for the IWP controls. This valve operates completely independent of the cranes standard control valve and is only used for operation from the platform controls.

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