LineWise Under Ground Pulling Sheave

Under Ground Pulling Sheave

The Under Ground Pulling Sheave is made from a high-grade steel frame and a high strength nylon sheave with sealed live bearings on the axle for easy movement and longer life. Designed a sheave to handle the loads of pulling 3 conductors at the same time. Sheave wheel is made of nylon with grooves for the cables to lay properly during the pull. Sheave is easily removable for safer cable loading and all areas of the sheave frame that the cable may come in contact with have a replaceable protective covering.

Model UGPS-30-15000
Construction, Steel High-Strength
Bearings Sealed Ball Dearings
Nylon Sheave 31 in. Diameter
Max. Cable Size 3 ea. 1000 mcm cables
Overall Size: L x W x H 31” x 16” x 56.5”
Rated Line Pull 15,000lbs.
Hoist Ring Rating 30,000lbs
Weight (lb) 280lbs.
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