AlturnaMats Accessories


Turn-A-Links (patent pending) create an instant portable roadway or working platform for as long as you need it. Connect easily. Ideal when working in harsh sites or when the job requires several days to complete. Made of rugged 1/2″ round hot roll steel. Also available in flat hot roll steel – 1/4″ thick x 3/4″ wide. Both styles, the round and the flat links come with a galvanized coating, making them easier to locate on a jobsite and protects them from rusting.

-Single Turn-A-Links lock mats end-to-end
-Double Turn-A-Links lock four (4) mats together at corners

“EZ Links”

E-Z Links are a new and convenient linking system for the AlturnaMATS VersaMATS. The E-Z Link system can be used with the VersaMATS for pedestrian applications as well as for the movement of light, compact equipment (less than 12000 GVW) when positioned on stable ground conditions. The new E-Z Link system allows for a rapid connection and dismantling of VersaMATS.


The easy way to move AlturnaMats around the work site. Simply hook into holes in the mats and move them easily

Item Size Item Number Shipping Weight oz.
Turn-A-Link Round 1/2″ dia. Single RTL-SG 8
Turn-A-Link Round 1/2″ dia. Double RTL-DG 20
Turn-A-Link Flat 1/4″ x 3/4″ Single FTL-SG 8
Turn-A-Link Flat 1/4″ x 3/4″ Double FTL-DG 20
Handi-Hook 3′ (91.44 cm) Length AMHH 40
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