FiberMax Outrigger Pads

FiberMax Outrigger Pads

Extreme Strength and Rigidity

FiberMax® Pads are engineered to provide maximum strength and rigidity for mobile cranes, hi-lift aerials and concrete pumpers. With crush ratings up to 600 psi and rated capacities of up to 170,000 lbs, FiberMax Pads are a cost-saving and high-performance solution when extreme rigidity is needed.

The Engineered Difference

FiberMax Outrigger Pads are built using FRP Composite Material. Composites are created by combining two or more materials to produce a new material that retains important properties from the original components.

Support in Poor Soil Conditions

The continuous glass fibers of FiberMax FRP Composite Material deliver exceptional strength and stiffness. Especially when faced with poor soil conditions, FiberMax Outrigger Pads provide peace of mind due to their rigidity, strength, and excellent support.

Tough, Longlasting and Durable

FiberMax Outrigger Pads are extrenely long lasting and impervious to water, chemicals, and ultraviolet light. These DICA pads are also easy to handle while providing the engineered rigidity and strength your most demanding environments require.


• Extremely Long Lasting
• Hi-Viz TuffGrip® Handles
• Waterproof and Chemical Resistant
• Industrial Grade Safety Texturing
• Will Not Rot or Wear Out
• Significantly Stronger & Lighter than Wood
• Engineered for Maximum Strength & Rigidity
• Provides Support Even in Poor Soil Conditions

Thickness Model WxLxH (in) Approx Area (sq ft) Weight (lbs) Crush Rating (psi) Working Load Limit (lbs)
1 Inch FMR36-1 (Round) 36×1 7 75 600 130,000
1 inch FMR42-1 (Round) 42×1 9.6 100 600 150,000
1 inch FMR48-1 (Round) 48×1 12.5 130 600 170,000