The Shotgun Loop

The Shotgun Loop

Designed for use with Shotgun and Clamp sticks, The Sloan Shotgun Loop is perfect for grabbing cables when feeding new services in pad-mounted cabinets. Designed by a lineman for linemen, this patent pending tool is a must have for anyone using a Shotgun stick.


  • Retracts into Shotgun stick to tighten on cables.
  • Simple, easy to use design.
  • Coated steel cable is easy to see and durable.
  • Approximately 7” long x 4.5” wide as shown in image.
  • Sold by each.
  • Benefits:

  • The Loop allows a better working position from a standing upright perspective bettering the lineman’s field of vision and awareness of his or her surroundings.
  • 4,200lbs-Minimum breaking strength. Durable Fluorescent coated aircraft cable.
  • Less strain on muscles by using the push/pull method.
  • The Loop adapter has the capability to fully retract the full length of the operating shotgun stick mechanism to help grip objects to it’s full potential.
  • Full control being able to guide the wire as it is pushed or pulled.
  • Another form of protection being that it is used with a tested high voltage shotgun stick.
  • It is also designed to pick up tools that have fallen into a cabinet. (Pliers, Wrenches, Wire Strippers, Knives, ETC.)
  • It lowers the risk tremendously of the possibility of electrical contact.
  • Shotgun Loop Sales Sheet PDF

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