The Wire Wrangler

WW1, Wire Wrangler Speed Stripping Tool for #2, 1/0 2/0 & 4/O Complete with case and 4-piece set color coded size adapters.

The Wire Wrangler is a power-driven, high voltage cable stripper. What took 20-30 minutes now will take 3 minutes. Be more efficient while minimizing repetitive motion injuries.


P/N: WW1 – Wire Wrangler with 1 ruler engraved tool body, 3 cable adapters, 1 end cap, tool bag, instructions
P/N: WW-EX – Everything from #WW1 AND 1 tool body extension kit, 3 long cable adapters, and long EX fitted screws


-Bored Aluminum Housing
-Adjustable Semi Conductor Blade
-Adjustable Insulation Blade
-4 Color Coded Interchangeable Conductor Adapters #2 – 4/0 cable sizes
-Stainless Steel Stop Bearing to eliminate cable fray
-Removable Tail Shaft
-Cased for easy storage
-Scores the Semi-Con at the same time

color coded adapters:

Orange -#2 Strand

Red – 1/O

Yellow – 2/O

Pink – 4/O

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